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Flint Law Firm's Mesothelioma Lawyers, Case Investigators, and Medical Experts are dedicated to helping all Mesothelioma victims in Atlanta and Fulton County. With our expertise, you can start receiving the highest financial compensation in only a few months.

The money comes from the negligent companies that exposed tens of thousands of Georgia workers and military personnel to Asbestos and put them at risk of developing Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer.

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Asbestos Law Firm Dedicated to Obtaining Justice

Flint Law Firm has been very successful in representing people who have been injured as the result of a toxic exposure to asbestos.

We Recovered Over One Billion Dollars For Our Clients!

Mesothelioma Cases Handled by Flint Firm Include:

No Win - No Fees!

$Zero Upfront and Zero Expenses Unless You Win!

No Lawsuit Required!

Fill Out Your Claims from the Comfort of Your Home!

We understand that taking the first step in starting a claim is often the hardest part. You shouldn't have to wait on us for a response. Our mesothelioma lawyers will always be here to answer your call day or night, and even on the weekends or holidays.

Job Sites With Known High-Risk Asbestos Exposure in Atlanta

If you, or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or any type of Asbestos Cancer and worked at one or more of the job sites listed below, you may have been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos dust and fibers. Please contact us today for a Free - No Obligation Case Evaluation. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge about products and job exposure in Atlanta, Fulton County.

  • A & P Warehouse Building
  • Acousti-Engineering Company
  • Air & Refrigeration Corporation Fabrication Shop
  • American Incinerator Corp
  • AP Green Services
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
  • Atkinson /Georgia Power Plant
  • Atlanta American Motor Inn
  • Atlanta Brass Foundry
  • Atlanta Fab. Division, Dock #9
  • Atlanta Gas Light Company
  • Atlanta General Depot
  • Atlanta Jet Base
  • Atlanta Laundries
  • Atlanta Paper Company
  • Atlanta Steel Company
  • Atlanta Steel Supply
  • Atlanta University
  • Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport
  • Austin Company
  • Avon Products Facility
  • B F Sturtevant Company
  • Barge & Company
  • Bell Bomb Plant
  • Birmingham Branch
  • Briercliff Gardens
  • Buckeye Cotton Oil Company
  • C & S Bank Building
  • Campbell Stone Apartments
  • Canterbury Court Apartment
  • Capital City Laundry Company
  • Carrier Corporation
  • Center For Disease Control
  • Chattahoochee River Pumping Station
  • Childers Products Company
  • Citizens and Southern National Bank
  • City of Atlanta
  • City of Atlanta Incinerator Plant
  • Clark College
  • Cluett Peabody & Company
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Colony House
  • Communicable Disease Center
  • Continental Can Company
  • Crown Zellerbach Corp
  • Davison-Paxon Department Store
  • Dekalb County Schools
  • Dixie Engine Company
  • Dupont Equipment & Insulation
  • Edward Murray & Company
  • Emory Hospital
  • Equitable Life Assurance Society Building
  • First National Bank
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Fort Gillem
  • Fulton Cotton Spinning Company
  • Gatins Apartment Hotel
  • General Motors
  • Georgia Electric Light Company
  • Georgia Iron and Coal Company
  • Georgia Mental Health Institute
  • Georgia Railway and Electric Company
  • Georgia Retardation Center
  • Georgia State Mental Health Center
  • Georgia Tech
  • Gordy Tire Company
  • Governor's House
  • Great Southern Land and Paper Company
  • Gulf Oil Corp
  • H S Kimball House Company
  • HB Fuller
  • High Rise Apartments
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hurt Building
  • Ira Hardin Company
  • Jade East Apartments
  • Kennesaw Plastics
  • La Vista Villa Apartments
  • Lakewood Station
  • Life of Georgia Building
  • Lunsford-Wilson
  • Mckennys, Inc.
  • Mead Paper Company
  • Merillat Industries
  • Miss Georgia Dairies
  • Municipal Auditorium
  • National Bank of Georgia
  • National Lead Company
  • National Service Industries
  • New Atlanta Memorial Arts
  • Norris & Company
  • North Gate Arms Apartments
  • Pattillo Lumber Company
  • Pendleton Guano Company
  • Perimeter Mall
  • Piedmont Hotel Company
  • Plaza Towers
  • Printpack, Incorporated
  • Randall Brothers Lumber
  • Republic Transcon Ind
  • Rich's Department Store
  • Sacred Heart Church and Marist College
  • Sargent Incinerators
  • Sergeant Incinertors
  • Simplicity Office & Whse
  • Southeastern Distribution Center - Dock # 4
  • Southeastern Refractories
  • Southern Bell Building
  • Southern Pipe Line Company
  • Southern Wood Preserving Company
  • St. Josephs Hospital
  • St. Regis Paper Company
  • Steam Distr Systems Robins AFB
  • Swift and Company
  • Thomasville Elementary School
  • Trumbull Asphalt Company
  • U S Army
  • United States Post Office
  • VA Hospital
  • West Electric Cable Plant
  • West Paces Ferry Hospital
  • Westinghouse Electric
  • Whitehead Die Casting Company
  • WR Grace
  • AC & S Inc.
  • Agnes Scott College
  • American Art Metal
  • AP Green Refractories Company
  • Aragon Hotel
  • Armstrong World Industries
  • Atlanta Airport
  • Atlanta Army Depot
  • Atlanta Coca Cola Company
  • Atlanta Foundry
  • Atlanta Gas Light Towers
  • Atlanta International Cotton Exposition
  • Atlanta Journal & Constitution Building
  • Atlanta Linen Supply Company
  • Atlanta Railway and Power Company
  • Atlanta Steel Erectors
  • Atlanta Terminal Company
  • Atlanta Water Works
  • Augusta Court House
  • Austin Walden School
  • B & H Boiler Works
  • Bankhead Welding Service
  • Beers-Emory Clinic
  • Biltmore Hotel
  • Briarcliff Laundry
  • Broadview Corporation
  • Building Spec Company
  • Campbell Coal Company
  • Candler Investment Company
  • Capital City Club
  • Carling National Breweries, Inc.
  • Celanese Corporation of America
  • Chattahoochee Brick Company
  • Chevrolet
  • Cities Service Oil Company
  • City Hall
  • City of Atlanta Hemphill Station
  • City of Atlanta Water Works #1
  • Clary & Associates
  • Coats & Clark, Inc
  • Cocoa Office Building
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Consumers Company
  • Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital
  • Darlington Apartments
  • Dealers Supply Company
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Dolco Packaging Corporation
  • E Van Winkle Gin and Mach Company
  • Eggo Foods Incorporated
  • Emory University
  • Exposition Cotton Mills
  • Fisher Body Division of General Motors
  • Fort Benning
  • Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills
  • Fulton County Jail
  • General Electric Plant
  • George Washington University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Georgia Iron and Steel Company
  • Georgia Power Company
  • Georgia Railway and Power Company Gas Works
  • Georgia School of Technology
  • Georgia State University
  • Gordon Foods Inc
  • Gould Building
  • Grady Memorial Hospital
  • Greenlees Company
  • Guthman Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company
  • H.W. Lay Company
  • Hemphill Pumping Station
  • Holfast Rubber Company
  • Hudson Insulation
  • Industrial Burners Inc
  • J.C. Penney
  • Joseph Hull
  • L De Gins Opera House
  • Lakeview Baptist Church
  • Lenox Towers
  • Liquid Carbonic Corporation
  • Mcburney Corporation
  • Mead Container Packaging
  • Mechanical Associates
  • Metropolitan Eye Hospital
  • Morris Brown College
  • Mutual Building.
  • National Biscuit Company (Nabisco)
  • National Linen Service Corp
  • National Starch Company
  • New Coca Cola Garage
  • North Brothers, Inc.
  • Owens Ill
  • Peachtree Baker Building
  • Pennys Treasure Island
  • Piedmont Hospital
  • Pittsburg Plate Glass
  • Pollock Paper
  • Rabun Apparel
  • Regency Hyatt House
  • Retail Credit Building
  • Ryder Truck Lines
  • Sandoz Laboratory
  • Sears Roebuck & Company
  • Shook & Fletcher Insulation Company, Inc.
  • Southeast Equipment & Supply
  • Southeastern Furniture Company
  • Southern Automatic Equip Company
  • Southern Cement Company
  • Southern Railway Company
  • Spelman College
  • St. Joseph's University
  • State Capitol
  • Stromquist & Company
  • The Citizens & Southern Bank
  • Tower Motel
  • Trust Company of Georgia
  • U S Penitentiary
  • US Naval Reserve Aviation Base
  • Warehouse For Stock
  • West Lumber Company
  • Western Electric Company
  • White Provision Company
  • William Wrigley Jr. Plant
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Diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer? Focus On Your Health!

Atlanta Mesothelioma Lawyer

In our experience, most mesothelioma victims prefer to "get the legal stuff out of the way early" so that we can be working to protect all your legal rights while you and your family focus on your health.

Mesothelioma treatment requires an immense financial effort. Our Mesothelioma Lawyers can get you the substantial monetary compensation quickly (in a few short months) that can help with medical bills, copays, travel costs for treatment, and other unanticipated expenses.

Instant Case Value Calculator (30-50 Seconds)

QUESTION 1: Who Is The Person Injured By Asbestos?

Instant Case Value Calculator (30-50 Seconds)

Q1: Who Is The Person Injured By Asbestos?

Financial Compensation for Atlanta, GA Asbestos Victims

The only way to start receiving financial compensation is to file an Asbestos claim or file a Mesothelioma civil lawsuit against the negligent companies that manufactured and sold Asbestos products to Atlanta and Fulton County factories and job sites.

Over $30 Billion Available for Asbestos Victims

Mesothelioma Compensation

People diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Asbestos Lung Cancer in Atlanta and across Fulton County may be entitled to receive compensation from over $30 Billion available in Asbestos Trust Funds.

This money has been set aside by federal courts in bankruptcy trusts because the latency period, the time between Asbestos exposure and diagnosis of Asbestos-related disease, can be several decades.

Veterans and Mesothelioma

Veterans and Mesothelioma

Many U. S. Military veterans have developed cancer due to Asbestos exposure from their years of service to this country. We feel it is our duty to give back to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our great nation. We are committed to helping veterans diagnosed with Mesothelioma in their hour of need.

Over 30 percent of all Asbestos claims and Mesothelioma lawsuits are related to veterans who honorably served in all branches of the U. S. Military: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

We Do Not Sue the Military or the Government

We Do Not Sue the Military or the Government

Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers in veterans are not the fault of the military or the government. It is, however, the fault of the asbestos manufacturers, distributors and suppliers who profited from selling asbestos to the military even after they knew of the dangers of asbestos.

We offer legal help to all veterans who wish to file for veteran's benefits, or Department of Veterans Affairs claims. Successful veteran's claims result in financial benefits, compensation, as well as access to hospitals, clinics and treatment facilities.

Recent Verdicts and Settlements:

Flint Law Firm - Verdicts & Settlements

To date, Mesothelioma Attorneys at Flint Law Firm have successfully represented thousands of clients that have resulted in over a Billion dollars in verdicts and settlements. Here are some of our lawyer's latest results in the courtroom:

  • Jury awards Second-hand Asbestos exposure victim $27,500,000
  • Jury awards $25,200,000 to Navy Machinist and family
  • Navy Veterans awarded $14,000,000 in consolidated Mesothelioma verdict
  • Jury verdict of $11,200,000 awarded to Pipe Insulator victim
  • Jury awards $9,936,000 verdict to second-hand Asbestos exposure victim
  • Estate of Mesothelioma victim awarded $6,500,000
  • Jury awards $6,022,814 verdict to Pipefitter victim
  • Jury awards $5,500,000 to a family of Asbestos Lung Cancer victim
Asbestos Victims or their families file for Asbestos Claims

Time Is Of The Essence!

Throughout the years, we have seen many asbestos victims (or their families) lose their right to file for asbestos claims or initiate a civil lawsuit because Georgia's Statute of Limitations expired while they were seeking medical treatment or grieving a loved one.

Please don't let this happen to you, Call us today for Free - No Obligation Case Evaluation: (404) 567-5516 and let us protect all your legal rights.

Our Mesothelioma attorneys will stand by you every step of the way to make sure you receive the highest monetary compensation.