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Whenever people are seriously injured or killed by the negligence of others, there's a story to tell. When you're an attorney and you represent someone who is nearing the end of their life because of a toxic exposure to asbestos or benzene, or someone who has been permanently disabled because of a defective product — you have to know how to piece that story together, how to tell it clearly and with passion, and how to do all of that in a way that produces a just result for your client.

You can only do that if you understand that the stories of the people who've been injured and of the family members who survive are just as important as the legal facts — that each of these stories is unique, and that uncovering all of the facts you need to prevail in a lawsuit is often simply a matter of taking the time to listen and opening the lines of communication between yourself and the person sitting across from you.

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At Flint Cooper, we handle catastrophic personal injury and product liability cases, as well as cases involving terminal illnesses, and we have an especially strong background in representing people who have been injured as the result of a toxic exposure to asbestos, benzene and other harmful chemicals.

We believe in tailoring our legal services to fit the individual needs of clients, not the other way around.