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If your property is next to the former railway that is being turned into a recreational trail, the government may owe you money for the section of land that makes up the new trail. You may still hold title to the land even though you do not have use of the land or even realize you had an ownership interest in the land.

Our firm has experience handling cases asserting the property rights of these landowners in litigation commonly referred to as "Rails-to-Trails" litigation. We also regularly handle litigation involving sub-surface property rights (such as pipelines, cables, etc.) associated with these rail lines.


We bring all Rails-to-Trails cases against the federal government in the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution to recover the just compensation that you are entitled to.

Involved in a Rails-to-Trails Litigation?

The lawyers at the Flint Law Firm have extensive experience litigating in rails-to-trails claims at the United States Court of Federal Claims, and are extremely familiar with the Court and its judges. Our dedicated team of lawyers will help make your compensation process simple. There are no upfront fees and no out of pocket expenses. Time to file a claim is limited so call us for a free consultation today.

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