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US Veterans & Mesothelioma

US Veterans & Mesothelioma

Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos was a common occurrence for millions of our veterans. Those who served in the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard & Air Force may be eligible to file a claim.

If you qualify, we will NOT be pursuing any legal action against the US government, or branches of the service. We will only be pursuing claims against the asbestos manufacturers for the harm that they knowingly caused.

Navy & Coast Guard Veterans & Asbestos Exposure

While it was used in every branch of the service, Navy and Coast Guard veterans appear to have had the greatest exposure to asbestos because it was used in nearly every part of their ships from 1940-1970. Asbestos was employed to fireproof the ships and was used on the boilers, pipes, flooring, valves, and engine parts. At the time, the Navy and Coast Guard were unaware of the dangers stemming from asbestos exposure and the ramifications it would have on the health of its sailors and their families later in life.

Air Force Veterans & Asbestos Exposure

Air Force Veterans were also unnecessarily exposed to asbestos during their service. Asbestos was commonly used on Air Force Bases and in the maintenance of friction and insulation materials on Aircrafts. Like the other military branches, the US Air Force was unaware of the dangers that asbestos exposure could later cause to the men and woman that served.

Army and Marine Corps & Asbestos Exposure

Army and Marine Corps members were also exposed to asbestos. Countless military installations built before 1980 contained asbestos tile flooring, asbestos ceiling tiles, and asbestos wall insulation. The foundations of many military buildings were also poured with asbestos cement, and the brake pads of innumerable military vehicles contained asbestos. In a cruel twist, thousands of enlisted men and women have been further exposed by the unsafe removal of these asbestos products during the demolition of base facilities and shops.

Have You or a Loved One Been Diagnosed or Passed Away from Mesothelioma?

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